The event halls of Đức Dương Palace are run by a team of professional and experienced staff. With its modern and elegant Ballroom and diverse wedding menu, we aim to create memorable moments for your "Journey of Happiness".

We understand that the most important moments in life only happen once, so every detail will be meticulously arranged and perfected at Đức Dương Palace.

Come and experience our services with us!


Do you have plans for your upcoming special day?

At Duc Duong Palace, your wedding party is not just a celebration of your life's milestone; it's also an "artwork" combining various senses from sight, sound to taste, where visitors not only immerse themselves in love but also indulge in exquisite cuisine. We offer you:
  • Free wedding photography location at the hotel complex.
  • Complimentary welcome reception.
  • Red carpet link.
  • Free wedding invitation design
  • Provide professional technicians to support the program.
  • Design your own Menu according to your group's requirements.
  • Free spacious and safe parking.
  • Free wifi access.​

Moreover, in response to the bride and groom's request for a "budget-friendly yet elegant" wedding, Duc Duong Palace presents highly attractive offers to alleviate your cost concerns with diverse wedding packages as follows:     

"Happiness" Package Promotion for groups from 100 to 199 guests:
  • Get 50% off the ultimate Sound and Light package with a modern stage with large LED screen when booking a party at Duc Duong Palace.
  • Bride & Groom photo shelf
  • Nameplate decorated with the names of the Bride & Groom
  • Gift money box.
  • Envelope & signature pen.      
  • Gallery table adorned with silk flowers   


Package Promotion for groups from 200 to 299 guests:
  • Receive all benefits of the "Happiness" Package.
  • Free Wedding Cake
  • Ceremony of illuminating the love castle with two electric cannons
  • Give flowers to the party table.
  • 50% off meals for children from 4 to 11 years old.
  • 50% discount on bringing drinks from outside.
  • 10% discount on all drinks used at the party.
"Fullness" Package Promotion for groups of 300 guests or more:
  • Receive all benefits of the "Loving" Package and "Happiness" Package.
  • Free Wedding Cake
  • Tower of glasses, champagne, and dry ice.
  • Welcome tea table.
  • Ceremony of illuminating the love castle with four electric cannons
  • Free MC service for the opening ceremony.
  • Wedding smoke generator 
  • Basic backdrop + video design package.
  • Especially, complimentary honeymoon suite for the bride and groom. They will have a wonderful wedding night in a specially decorated suite with breakfast. The room will be exclusively decorated for the couple (Exclusive special offer when ordering menu from 500.00vnd/guest)
  • Room discounts for the following nights.
  • 10% discount on reception service.
  • 10% discount on gate flower decoration.



Applies when ordering wedding menus starting from 400,000 VND per guest.


To deliver delicious dishes that satisfy every palate, alongside the skill and experience of our chefs, ingredients play a crucial role. That's why our restaurant ensures 100% quality in all ingredients. Everything is meticulously chosen before preparation to deliver authentic flavors.

Our wedding menu offers a variety of dishes, including seafood from Ha Long Bay at reasonable prices, yet ensuring ample portions for all guests.



Suggestions for the perfect wedding scenario for the Bride and Groom at Duong Palace


•            The bride, groom, and parents welcome guests in the lobby
•            Take commemorative photos in front of the wedding gate
•            Invite guests into the banquet hall


During the guest welcome, screens on both sides of the stage or LED screens will showcase clips or photos of the bride and groom (if available). The banquet hall is illuminated, and romantic love songs play while the MC guides guests to their seats (if applicable)

•            MC narrates the love story of the couple (if applicable)
•            MC introduces the parents of the bride and groom and invites them onto the stage
•            MC introduces the bride and groom (soft ambient lighting)
•           The bride and groom enter the wedding hall (background music, spotlight follows their steps, and smoke creates a romantic and                         solemn atmosphere)
•            The bride and groom ascend the stage
•            MC introduces representatives of both families for speeches (if applicable)
•            Parents exchange gifts (if applicable)
•            Groom presents the ring to the bride, and they recite vows together (if applicable)
•            Bride and groom cut the wedding cake
•            Bride and groom pour Champagne (smoke rises from the Champagne tower)
•            Bride and groom thank parents and guests (if applicable)
•            MC invites the bride, groom, and guests to raise their glasses for a toast
•            Enter the banquet
•            Music program performed by singers (if applicable)
•           Bride, groom, and parents greet guests. Simultaneously, the bride, groom, and guests raise their glasses, and the serving staff brings                   hot food into the banquet hall



•            Continued serving of food
•            Bride, groom, and parents express gratitude and bid farewell to guests at the entrance.



Note: Approximately 20 minutes before the event, the program host will meet directly with the hosts to discuss details about the program and wedding script
This detailed script is perfect for couples organizing weddings outside traditional venues and hotels. We hope it provides helpful inspiration!
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