• Administrator
  • 2/2/2024
The 2023 journey full of efforts from the Board of Directors and the hotel staff has ended, opening up many new opportunities in 2024. Let's look back at the wonderful moments in party night "STAFF PARTY 2023 - WELCOMING NEW BEGINNINGS, LEADING THE WAY TO SUCCESS" of D'Lioro resort hotel.

 On January 30, D'Lioro Resort Hotel successfully held a year-end summary party. The party took place with the participation of the Board of Directors of Duc Duong Co., Ltd. and members of the D'Lioro Hotel & Resort family.

The space was filled with emotions as everyone looked back at the past year 2023 with the endless efforts of the staff and burst into laughter with extremely unique and fun performances from D'Lioro parts.
The party night is an opportunity for all members to sit together, confide and share to try to improve service quality even better in the new year.

Once again, D'Lioro Hotel would like to deeply thank the company's Board of Directors for always creating the best conditions, and thank the partners and customers who have always accompanied D'Lioro during the past year, promising an even more explosive year 2024.
The official party ended with many emotions, smiles were fully captured through photos, and we wished that 2024 D'Lioro Hotel & Resort would reap even more success.

Wishing you a peaceful and prosperous new year 2024 - All things as you wish!